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When the baby is staying in the stomach, the physical condition also changes, the taste and the olfactory change, and
it is painful as it is the symptom of “ morning “ and I do not want to think about eating, is it painful?

My mama’s meal is everything.

In order to support the growth of the baby,
please try to eat a balanced diet as much as possible.

If mum ‘s meal has “ likes and dislikes”,
breakfast is eaten or skunked, unbalanced and malnutrition is bad
, then risks of pregnancy toxemia, premature babies, anemia and infectious diseases It will be expensive and it
will hurt the development of the baby “ brain “, so I’d like to take a good meal.

However, if you can not eat with “ morning sickness ”, you
can supply with supplements, so please use it well.

Another thing to watch out for is baby ‘s allergy prevention measures also premium meal is important.
Three major allergens are called milk, eggs, soybeans.

Since the digestive system such as the stomach and the intestines is underdeveloped until the age of 1 since the baby is in the stomach of the mother, when
taking too much high protein food such as milk, egg, soybean, it will not be broken down by mother’s body Some heterologous proteins are baby’s
It passes through mucous membranes of immature intestines and mixes them in the blood, and the possibility of becoming allergic increases.

If you are allergic to family and relatives or anything discreetly.
However, although immunity contained in colostrum
reinforces so that heterologous protein does not come in
, it seems that moderation is good as it is “ reinforcement “ to the last.

After that, there is a danger to the baby about the intake of vitamin A in large quantities.

Until 3 months pregnancy, it is said that the incidence of malformation is increased by mass intake of vitamin A.
If you listen to this, you tend to think that “ do not take Vitamin A “ `, but
the required requirement for pregnant women of vitamin A is 2000 IU per day. (Upper limit is 5000 IU)

If you eat a quality balanced diet, vitamin A will not be deficient at first.

If you are concerned about the intake of vitamin A ,
retinol becomes “hyperaemia”, so it is safer to take it with β-carotene.
Only beta-carotene will be vitamin A only in the amount required, the
remainder will act like antioxidant action so do not worry.
Even if you say it, please keep the upper limit and take it.