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Even in constipation , pregnancy tends to tend to constipation .
That is because the luteinizing hormone secreted from the placenta suppresses the gut motility movement,
the muscles of the intestinal wall relax and the movement weakens.

If you have constipation, bad bacteria increase in the intestine, causing bacterial infections in the vagina (such as Candida albicans) cause
an imminent abortion.
Breastfeeding mothers also make the boobs wrinkle if the intestinal environment is bad.
In the baby’s newborn baby, various bacteria start to live about one day after birth.
And it is said that most of babies grown in mother’s breast milk are occupied by “bifidus bacteria” (good bacteria).

I was plagued by strong constipation during pregnancy.

Even though I do not have anything to go out.
Even if it turns to the right or to the left, it does not come out either.

However, if you are sitting in the toilet for a while
, your legs are pressed against the big stomach, and the whole feet are numb.
I was really in trouble, I called my doctor on the phone from the toilet and asked for guidance.

As a cause of constipation, there seems to be vegetable shortage, lack of exercise,
irregular eating and so on.
I love vegetables and I walked 2 kilometers everyday and went to work.
What seems to be the reason for taking vegetables fairly? That ‘s why we ingested “ megamori’ ‘and dietary fiber.
Of course also the supplement.

There are also
“ insoluble dietary fiber “ and “ water soluble dietary fiber“ in the dietary fiber of vegetables

“ Insoluble Dietary Fiber “ means that if you absorb moisture it will swell and increase your stool or
stimulate the intestinal wall of the large intestine to rhythmically exercise your bowel and help you with bowel movements.
Foods include
burdocks, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, shrimp, crab, apples and strawberries.

“ Water soluble dietary fiber
” will become a food for good bacteria in the large intestine and will prepare the intestinal environment.
Foods include konjac and beans, kelp and potatoes.

Both of them take a good balance, leading to the elimination of constipation.

Besides, there is an effect such as ingestion of cold water, milk, lactic acid bacteria to drink immediately after getting up in the morning .

If you take dietary fiber in supplements, please take with plenty of water.
To inflate dietary fiber in the intestine, plenty of water is needed.
And at the beginning please take it a little and gradually increase it.

If you can not get smooth defecation, it causes not only troubles of the stomach and skin, but also
cause trouble such as anorexia, insomnia, stiff shoulder, irritability, colon cancer etc.
Even if it is not premama, dietary fiber Try to improve constipation well taking it.