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As long as you take supplements, you do not have to eat ! There is nothing to say.
Supplements are “ meal to is things like make up for nutrients that were not caught from “,
supplements there is no calories to vitamins, which becomes a source of energy does not have is included nothing.
Since vitamins are just like lubricants, they can not substitute for meals.
Moreover, the action of “ chewing “ when eating
is not just to keep foods in mind.
“ Bite
” is a very important thing and it is very important to revitalize our precious brains.
Besides, it helps digesting food and improves absorption of nutrition.
By chewing well
, I feel that the brain is “ full “` `and prevent obesity.
By chewing well,
you can taste the original taste of food. It promotes the development of taste.
By chewing well, I
will improve the alignment of the teeth.
By chewing well,
the function of brain cells will become active.
By chewing well, it
prevents tooth disease.
By chewing well,
many liquids will come out, clean the inside of the mouth, and reduce the occurrence of halitosis.
By chewing well,
I prevent cancer.
It is said that some enzymes contained in saliva have a function of eliminating carcinogenic effects of carcinogens.
By chewing well, a
lot of digestive enzymes in the juice will go out and promote gastrointestinal work.
By chewing well,
power will be improved and self-confidence in everyday life will be born. Improvement of physical strength of the whole body and stress relief!

About this “ chewing “ is what
I have been
taught from a dentist , I have been dating for 20 years .
Now our children attend Maintain.

What is more, “to eat” is also one of enjoyment, and a
healthy dining table will grow a strong heart and kind heart.

There are lots of important things that foods do not grow with just supplements.