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A 17 year old creates an agency and receives 150 franchise requests

Jordi Alcaraz founded Viajes Outlet three months ago with a loan from his parents of 10,000 euros and would like to “follow the path of Amancio Ortega”


It only takes about three months with the business and Jordi Alcaraz, 17, has already received more than a hundred requests to make franchises of Viajes Outlet, a travel agency that organizes them at the price of balance. This young man from Sabadell claims to have received “about 150 requests for franchises, both nationally and internationally,” which he is currently studying.
Jordi Alcaraz has always liked to search through the nooks and crannies of the internet to find great bargains in destinations. In fact, he has traveled to three continents and has done more than a dozen cruises for half the price offered by the agencies. Therefore, friends and family asked him to look for cheap prices for the places where they wanted to go. These demands were the basis for creating Outlet Travel, an agency that is responsible for seeking for travel for half the price of what a conventional could offer.

Meanwhile, in the short term

Meanwhile, in the short term

The plan is to open the first franchises in Spanish territory when the construction of the central headquarters that will be located in the Vallès Occidental has been completed. “The franchises will be in contact with the client and will pick up their requests, followed by contact with the central office that will manage the orders, search for the cheapest deals that fit the clients’ plans and return them to the franchise where the interested parties They will collect in the form of a dossier so that they can choose between the options, “he says.
Alcaraz hopes to have, before the end of 2010, the established headquarters and “a third of the open franchises”, approximately fifty. Meanwhile, in the short term, it will found another society. “I do not want to stay here,” he says.

 Alcaraz did not find public aid or banks willing to give him a loan 



Despite having very clear ideas, the road has not exactly been full of roses. Alcaraz did not find public aid or banks willing to give him a loan for which it was his parents who asked for a loan of 10,000 euros so that he could start with the company with the condition of not abandoning his studies. Solved the starting point, he went with his family to Madrid where he arranged and obtained permits, as well as the certification of a notary on his emancipation, during an intense week. With all the papers in order, they returned to the city of Vallesana where they finished furnishing the small and simple shop of 30 square meters on the Paseo de Los Almogàvers. 

Almost three months later, Viajes Outlet – “a small neighborhood store”, jokes Alcaraz – has gone from receiving between 30 and 40 weekly customer requests a thousand daily and get a bill, today, about 40,000 euros ” which you have to subtract the rent of the premises, the payroll and another part that serves to return the money to my parents “concrete. The rest is reversed. And then? “I do not know, because I did not expect this to happen so soon, but I would like to follow the path of Amancio Ortega”, founder of Inditex, who started to create his business at 17 years old.